Five ethical and sustainable fashion icons to follow on Instagram

Five ethical and sustainable fashion icons to follow on Instagram

Looking to inject some sustainability into your daily Insta scrolling? Here are five top sustainable fashion influencers to follow now…

How many sustainable fashion influencers do you follow on Instagram? How many posts about sustainable fashion do you see when scrolling through your feed?

It’s no suprise that social media and its countless influencers have warped our consumer habits. If you’ve been on Instagram for a while, you’ve no doubt browsed the dedicated shopping tab or been subjected to a #fashionhaul, where a content creator will show off piles of cheap clothing for their followers to covet. What is surprising however is just how effective content creators can be in influencing our shopping; 66% of consumers say purchase decisions are often driven by influencers, whilst a study in November last year found 58% intentionally buy more goods online than they intend to keep.

Is it any wonder people are buying more and caring less when they’re constantly surrounded by a confirmation bias excusing this behaviour? 

Instead of letting the people we follow on social media lure us into endless consumption, we can use the same bais to inspire a better mindset, like switching over to sustainable fashion. If you’re guilty of endlessly scrolling your feed, consider following a variety of sustainable fashion influencers and/or celebrity environmentalists for a daily dose of news, education and inspiration on the eco-friendly side of fashion!

Keep scrolling for our list of the top sustainable fashion influencers to inspire your timeline:

The best sustainable fashion accounts to follow immediately:


Aditi Mayer (@aditimayer)

Aditi is one of the top sustainable fashion influencers; a content creator, photojournalist and labour rights activist, her work looks at sustainable fashion through the lens of colonialism and social & environmental justice. Her feed is a treasure-trove of behind-the-scenes of the fashion supply chain, mixed in with social commentary and gorgeous images from her side-hustle as a model.

She also has a great style and partners with many sustainable fashion brands, making it easy to find fashion inspiration that doesn’t hurt the planet! Follow her for tips on living more sustainability, and a glimpse into the parts of the fashion world often kept in the shadows.


Clare Press (@mrspress)

Clare’s podcast ‘Wardrobe Crisis’ is one of the most recognised and acclaimed in the sustainable fashion space, thanks in part to the amazing guests she’s had on the show since starting it in 2017. Her interviews include designers, change-makers, academics, creatives and fashion insiders talking about their views on the industry and potential solutions. As sustainable fashion influencers go, Clare is one of the top educators in the field and always creates engaging content.

Her Instagram feed serves as a constant reminder that sustainable fashion can be cool, as Clare often adds industry musings as captions to her photos. Follow her for a good dose of informative content intermixed with a touch of personal moments, and always great style!


Venetia La Manna (@venetialamanna)

Sustainable fashion influencer Venetia describes herself as a fair fashion campaigner + podcaster, and one look at her Insta feed will confirm this. If you’re looking for a constant source of sustainable fashion inspiration and news, often in the form of funny cooking-based videos, check out her account.

If you want to get involved in protests and campaigns calling on the industry to be more sustainable, Venetia is often at the centre of organising many London-based events and publishes these to her Twitter and Insta (both @venetialamanna) as an open call for people to join.


Bella Webb (@bellawebb_)

As a sustainability editor for Vogue Business, Bella is pretty clued into what’s happening in the sustainable fashion space. No wonder she’s spoken at major industry events in recent years - the latest being the Global Fashion Summit 2022. As an important journalist looking at the future of fashion and its current failings, the personal thoughts Bella shares alongside her published stories are well worth taking note of.

Follow her for a reliable source of the latest news and debates concerning sustainable fashion, intermixed with some wider industry news and cute personal photos.



Aja Barber (@ajabarber)

As a highly-esteemed celebrity environmentalist writer and author, Aja’s feed is an eclectic mix of personal moments and musings on the industry. She also speaks to the need for diversity in fashion on both her Insta and Twitter account (​​@AjaSaysHello) often alongside funny remarks and adorable pictures of her cat.

Her sustainable fashion non-fiction book ‘Consumed’ touches on fast fashion, consumption, and colonialism - is referenced by many in the industry as great advice for those looking to curb their own shopping. If this is you, hit follow for a daily slow fashion reminder and check out the book!